The Canadian Veteran Service Dog Unit (CVSDU) has been in operation since 2012, and is a Charitable Corporation incorporated by Letters Patent issued in 2015. Charity Number 839865797RR0001

From its inception, the Board of Directors and unit members have proudly been promoting the objectives of the CVSDU on an entirely voluntary basis and in so doing have relied exclusively on community support and donations for all funding.

As an organization, our work is dedicated to the human spirit shown by our troops and the courage they have shown in their service to our country.


Our Head Office space and some administrative support are donated by the Canadian Canine Training Academy located at 108-190 Menten Place, Ottawa, Ontario, K2H 9G3.


As set out in the Letters Patent the CVSDU’s mission is to provide trained service dogs to our Canadian Veterans and First Responders to help them in their recovery from the injuries, both physical and psychological, they sustained in their duties in service to Canada at no charge to the Veteran or First Responder.


The CVSDU’s purpose is therefore to relieve conditions associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Operational Stress Injury (OSI) and mobility related disabilities for Canadian Veterans and First Responders with the assistance of Service Dogs.

As such, the unit’s mandate allows direct assistance only to individual Canadian veterans and First Responders who reside in Canada.


The CVSDU, in accordance with both applicable Provincial and Federal legislation, has established a Constitution and By-laws approved by the Board of Directors that govern its operations.

These governing documents enable the Corporation to manage its operations, provide training and service dogs, as well as receive donations and benefits for the purpose of furthering the objectives of the CVSDU.

To facilitate regular meetings at no cost, the Board of Directors is exclusively comprised of individuals who work and reside in the National Capital Region and is normally comprised of 3 to 8 Directors.

Mr. Randy Chartrand is the President and founder of the CVSDU.   He is also the founder of the Canadian Canine Training Academy and is himself a 15 year Veteran of the Canadian Forces.


CVSDU Membership is available to those persons interested in furthering the unit’s objectives as outlined in its Letters Patent and whose request for admission as a member receives the approval of the Board of Directors.

Participation and membership in the CVSDU is open, voluntary and, no fees are charged to the veteran for this service. However; in order to remain as members in good standing, all unit members are required to sign a membership agreement in which they undertake to respect the unit governance documents as well as a member Code of Conduct.

This Code outlines the conduct expected of all members to ensure that as an organization, each and every one of us provides the very best of ourselves, not only on behalf of the unit as representatives, but also that we fulfill a fundamental duty to act appropriately towards each other as we work together to further the aims of the CVSDU.  (Code of Conduct).

Training Standards

The CVSDU trains all dog teams in accordance with the BC Guide Dog / Service Dog Standard.  As such, all members must complete service dog handler training as set out in the CVSDU Service Dog Training and Qualifications Standards.  All programmed unit training is provided at no cost to the member; however, the member must attend all scheduled sessions.  A dog and CVSDU vest are also provided at no cost, but remain the property of the unit throughout as ownership is not transferred to the member.