Member Code of Conduct



  1. 1.1  The Board of Directors of the Canadian Veteran Service Dog Unit (CVSDU) has approved this Code of Conduct to aid both Directors and Members in their commitment to furthering the CVSDU’s purpose, which is to:provide trained service dogs to our Canadian Veterans to help them in their recovery from the injuries, both physical and psychological, they sustained in their duties in service to Canada at no charge to the Veteran.
  2. 1.2  This Code outlines the conduct expected of all members to ensure that as an organisation, each and every one of us provides the very best of ourselves, not only on behalf of the unit as representatives, but also that we fulfill a fundamental duty to act appropriately towards each other as we work together to further the aims of the CVSDU.
  3. 1.3  It should also always be remembered that our work is dedicated to the human spirit shown by our troops and the courage they have shown in their service to our country. As such, our conduct must at all times reflect positively on and bring credit to the unit.

Requirement for Membership

1.4 All current and prospective members of the CVSDU will be provided with an electronic copy of the unit Constitution and Bylaws. In order to remain as members in good standing, all unit members are required to read these documents and sign a membership agreement in which they undertake to respect these unit governance documents as well as the authority of the Board of Directors.

Code of Conduct

  1. 1.5  All members must at all times treat other people as well as animals with the utmost care and respect. No ill treatment or abusive behaviour will be tolerated at any time.
  2. 1.6  All members will conduct themselves in a manner that at all times supports other members and reflects positively on the unit. Specifically, members are expected to perform their duties diligently and arrange their private affairs in a manner that promotes both internal as well as external confidence in their abilities to not only appropriately handle their service dogs, but also to perform their other unit duties.
  3. 1.7  All members will uphold the unit’s aims and objectives as well as our name and emblems, most notably by using the unit name or emblems only in manners and at events specifically approved by the Board of Directors.
  4. 1.8  No member will speak or act on behalf of the unit without the expressed permission and consent of the Board of Directors or its appointed representative.
  5. 1.9  All members shall serve and be seen to serve the unit in a conscientious and diligent manner treating all others with courtesy and respect.

1.10 All members should be committed to performing their functions with integrity and to avoiding the improper use of the influence of their office, and conflicts of interest, both apparent and real.

1.11 All members shall seek to serve the unit’s interest by upholding both the letter and the spirit of the Constitution, Bylaws and all other policies adopted by the Board of Directors.

Training Standards

1.12 All members must complete service dog handler training as set out in the CVSDU Service Dog Training and Qualifications Standards.

1.13 The CVSDU Service Dog vest remains the property of the CVSDU and shall be loaned to members only for use as stipulated in the Training and Qualifications Standards. The vest must be returned to the CVSDU as soon as possible upon request by the Board of Directors or its representatives and no later than after 5 business days have elapsed.

1.14 If required, additional training may be scheduled by mutual consent between the member and the trainer they are assigned. This additional training will be provided

at no cost to the member; however, the member must attend all scheduled additional training.


1.15 Unless excused by the Head Trainer under exceptional circumstances, all members must attend at least 1 out of every 3 scheduled weekly service dog training sessions and attain their level 3 certification within 12 months of beginning weekly training. Any member who fails to comply with this attendance requirement or who misses more than 4 consecutive weekly training sessions will have their membership reviewed by the Officers of the Corporation. Upon review and recommendations made by the Officers of the Corporation under these circumstances, the President has the unequivocal authority to revoke membership without requiring a meeting or vote.

1.16 All members are accountable to the CVSDU through the membership nomination and acceptance process. After acceptance, a member may become disqualified and lose their position in the unit if convicted of an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada, by acting in a manner contrary to other Federal or Provincial laws; by failing to respect the unit Constitution and Bylaws, or by failing to declare, or by placing themselves in a conflict of personal interest.

1.17 All members will be invited to join a private CVSDU Facebook Group for the exclusive purpose of forwarding the organisation’s aims in a positive manner. All access provided through any means, including electronic contact information for other members, constitute privileged information that members obtain solely as result of their CVSDU membership. Therefore, all communications concerning the CVSDU, its activities or other members is subject to the laws of Canada, the CVSDU Constitution and Bylaws, including this Code of Conduct.