To help you understand the effects of trauma one of our members, Sandy, has volunteered to tell you how PTSD affected him and the difference a service dog has made in his life and the life of his family.

“In the few years that followed my tour in Afghanistan it took me a long time, and a lot of pain and wreckage before I would admit I was falling apart.  Denial and drinking were a mainstay in my survival strategy.  My strategy did not work well.  This is a list the affects PTSD has had on me.  Most people do not realize PTSD is more than a mental health disorder it is also a disorder of the central nervous system.  When extreme amounts of adrenaline are running through your body on a daily or hourly basis your health declines.  While this list of effects is specifically mine it generally applies to a lot of people with severe chronic PTSD like I have.”

“I was having so much trouble in public settings that my therapist recommended I get a service dog.  I said why would I want a service dog when I can’t even take care of myself.  When my wife heard the idea, she researched it and was able to make contact with Serge at the CVSDU.  We met Serge and then we met Mandy and we started a journey that has helped save my life and raise the quality of life for our family.

This is a list of the things Mandy does for me:

This is a list of the effects that Mandy’s work and service have had on me: