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What's New?

We are updating social media, LinkedIn and YouTube

In today's increasingly online world, it is important to have an active presence. To this end we have drastically increased our content on Social Media like Facebook and Instagram in order to keep our members and the general public up to date on our activities and announcements.

We are boosting our presence on LinkedIn to communicate better with the business community, one of our important partners for sponsorship

We have upgraded our YouTube channel to have more content, as videos are a powerful means of communication

Our website has been totally upgraded to make it more interactive and to communicate our organizations mandate and program content

Alberta Training Standard Test

The CVSDU has transistioned to the Alberta Training Standard test\ing for all our service dog training. This means that we are following a rigorous standard that ensures our dogs are up to the highest level of training in order to function well and safely in the public, and that our members receive the support needed from their service animal.

Puppy Foster Homes Wanted

  • CVSDU is developing a Foster Puppy raising Program. Our trainers will follow the puppies and assist the fostering parents on the best upbringing for our puppies and set the puppy up for success when we go to pair the dog with an injured Veteran or First Responder.
  • Our puppy recruitment process is designed to obtain quality puppies resulting in a high success rate of certification our Service Dogs.
Do you want to foster a puppy, contact volunteer@cvsdu.ca today!

Peer Support Program Coming Soon

  • This year we will be developing a new Peer Support Program for CVSDU Families helping them learn about the benefits of introducing a Service Dog into the family and understand the months of training needed to become a certified Service Dog Team.