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Fostering Our Puppies

Fostering our puppies at CVSDU

Thank you for your interest in our Foster Puppy Raising Program!

It takes a special volunteer or family to help us foster and raise our puppies. The purpose of our Foster Puppy Raising Program is to socialize puppies and assist in their training to prepare them for Service Dog duties. Generally, puppies live with their foster families from the time of purchase until they reach 14-15 months old.

Socializing a puppy means exposing the puppy to new situations in a measured and controlled way so that they can make a positive association with the new situation. The primary mission of the foster family will be to develop good behaviour in the home environment as well as exposing the puppy to various environments on a regular basis (including urban, rural, and social environments). Service dogs will work in these environments in the future.

Foster families must be willing to follow carefully selected guidelines and the directions of Puppy Program staff in caring for and training of their puppies. Preferably, the puppy raising family would be located in the National Capital Region or close by in order to facilitate training and proper support.

When deemed ready by the CVSDU, puppies will then be paired with a veteran or first responder suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

If you you would like more information on the Foster Puppy Raising Program,  please contact us at: fosterpuppy@cvsdu.ca

Images of CVSDU black lab puppy with vest

If you are interested in becoming a Foster Puppy Raiser, please click on the button below. 


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