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Our Trainers

Our Trainers

Currently, we have five trainers in the Unit; 4 in the Ottawa area, 1 in Petawawa, 1 in Orangeville, and 1 in Toronto.

They provide over 100 hours of puppy training before working with matched members, giving another 36 hours of service dog and handler (team) training.

Our trainers also conduct monthly training for members and provide continued support for our teams.

Our Training Team

Judy Manherz
Judy ManherzHead Trainer
Judy's involvement in PTSD service dog training began in 2015 and continues to be a natural link between her passion for dog training and her compassionate drive to assist those who offer a life of service to others. The positives and rewards from this work have been an immeasurable gift to her. To see lives, change for the better, … It doesn’t get much more magical than that.
Serge Lemieux
Serge LemieuxOttawa Trainer
Serge has been a dog trainer since 2014. After retiring from the Canadian Forces with a 25-year career behind him, he decided to become a dog trainer, following in his wife’s Pam footstep, who is also an invaluable trainer with the Unit. He joined CVSDU in 2015 with a goal to give back to the Veterans / 1st responders community who suffered from PTSD, knowing that Service Dogs do saves life and make a difference in their lives. This was and is still to this day, the driving force to join this great organization. Veterans helping Veterans.
Judy KauffeldtOttawa Trainer
Judy has been involved with dogs since 1973 when she purchased my first Doberman. Breeding, showing and training in all dog sports, has been a passion since Her two years with CVSDU has allowed me to turn her interest into a way to help people in need.
Janet Porter
Janet PorterPetawawa Trainer
Janet is a graduate of the Best Friends professional dog training course, out of Ottawa and an associate member of the CCPDT (Certification Council of Professional Dog trainers). She has been training puppies and dogs for about 3 years in Basic obedience and general life skills. In her life and work she is surrounded by people in the military and veterans as well. She is passionate about learning and improving my skills, and she attends several seminars and webinars per year and keeping current on industry standards. She finds great joy in see progress of a team and love to support others along the way. She currently has two dogs that compete in Scent Detection and tracking.
Wade Beattie
Wade BeattieToronto Trainer
With over 30 years of experience, Wade is one of Canada’s most respected guide dog and service dog trainers. Wade began his career as a guide dog trainer/instructor in 1986 at Canine Vision Canada as a guide dog trainer and instructor, where he completed a three-year apprenticeship program. He has collaborated with some of the world’s leading guide and service dog trainers and was a pioneer in bringing autism service dogs to Canada as the founder and former Director of Programs for Autism Dog Services.
Pam Masey
Pam MaseyOttawa Trainer
Pam was assigned the privilege of training the very first PTSD service dog for the CVSDU. Back then we were wearing all kinds of hats: we acquired the dogs, we trained the dogs, we trained the Handling teams with their dogs, and we were the Executive Board. We started with nothing and we learned as we went. The CVSDU started because of the vision of its founding President: to answer a need by training PTSD service dogs and Handling Teams to a high standard using the recognized certifications already being used in other provinces, to provide ongoing training, and to never charge, because as he would often say, ‘They’ve paid enough already.’ Then, in 2014 when her husband Serge retired from the Military, he certified as a Professional Dog Trainer as well, and jumped on board with the CVSDU. So we are part of the CVSDU family, and the Unit is part of ours.
Melanie Chin
Melanie ChinOrangevilleTrainer
Melanie is a certified professional dog trainer with the CCPDT (Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers). She started her career with animals after graduating from Humber College with a degree in horse training and a diploma in coaching. Melanie became a certified coach with Equine Canada, founded her own riding school and worked in the horse industry training horses and coaching students for over 20 years. Her passion has always been for dog training and so she transitioned to her current career in 2019. Since then, she has acquired her certification, has completed the master course on aggression in dogs, trained in applied behavior analysis and is currently training dogs and working behavior cases full time in the Orangeville area. Her website is www.canineservices.ca, her Instagram is melaniechincpdt.