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Training & Standards

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About Our Training
About Our Training

Our Dogs Go Through Vigorous Training

We train our service dogs to follow commands, and respond to the needs of their human partner.

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What It Takes To Become A “Team”.

At a minimum, the candidate and service dog-in-training train and pass basic obedience. (Members of the CVSDU are encouraged and given the opportunity to train and pass advanced obedience with their service dog).

The candidate and service dog-in-training successfully complete training and must pass the CGN (Canine Good Neighbour) Test before starting public access.

The candidate and service dog-in-training successfully pass the
Alberta Training Standard Test” in order to become a Member

Once a team (a handler and service dog) is qualified they will continue to maintain and strengthen their skills by participating in the CVSDU all members monthly training event.

To remain a member in good standing, every other year each team is re-evaluated and expected to pass the“Alberta Training Standard Test,” in order to maintain their standing as a qualified service dog team.

Service Dogs in Training with their Handlers

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Suitable Breeds for Training

These are the breeds recommended for successfully attaining certification and providing most suitable support as a PTSD Service Dog. 

- Retrievers: Labrador, Golden, Flat coated, Chesapeake Bay,  
- Standard Poodles
- Spaniels: Brittany, Cavalier King Charles 
- Portuguese Water Dog 
- Smooth and Rough Collies 
- Old English Sheepdog 
- English Pointer 
- Great Dane* 
- Bernese Mountain Dog* 
- St. Bernard* 
- Mixed breeds of the above (i.e. Golden Retriever & poodle) 


Family thoughts about having a Service Dog