Thank You Spartan Delta Corp for their $15,000 donation

On Thursday, November 3rd, CVSDU president Sgt. (retd.) Dwayne Sawyer attended Spartan Delta Corp. in Calgary, AB to receive a generous $15,000 donation.  Dwayne spoke to a packed house, describing his career in the Armed Forces, highlighting several deployments and his subsequent journey with PTSD. Attendees were shown how having a dog like Nala (who was in attendance) has helped him, and many other veterans and first responders like him, with their day to day living.

The amazing folks at Spartan Delta Corp. didn’t stop at their planned donation though; after the presentation they gifted Dwayne with custom beds for both Rex and Nala, adorned with each organizations’ logo and the dog’s names, AND collected another $1000 in donations!

THANK YOU Spartan Delta Corp. for the warm welcome and for supporting our veterans and first responders; continued support from both corporate and private donors are what makes groups like the CVSDU possible. We look forward in working with Spartan for years to come!

A big thank you as well to Gibbs Media for the images from the event.