Those who struggle with PTSD have been able to recover and gain control over their lives again with the assistance of a trained service dog.  Your donation will help us reduce our waiting list enabling us to train and provide more service dogs.

This giving season, there are several ways that you can give to CVSDU.

Please note, we use CanadaHelps to facilitate our online donations.  Once your one-time or monthly donation is made, you will automatically receive a receipt to your email, from CanadaHelps. 
Please note, donations of Securities or a Car take a little longer to process as they must be transferred and sold before the donation is complete.  In order to ensure that your gift qualifies for a 2023 tax receipt, we suggest you complete your mutual funds donation before December 7th or all other securities donations before December 16th.


Canadian Veteran Service Dog UnitMake a
One-Time donation

Your gift will help us pay for the many expenses to train and raise a puppy to become a service dog!


Canadian Veteran Service Dog UnitBecome a
Monthly Donor!

Help us conduct monthly puppy training events by providing monthly gifts we can count on!


Canadian Veteran Service Dog UnitDonate

By donating securities or mutual funds that have appreciated in value, you eliminated the capital gain tax.  CVSDU will receive a large gift and you’ll benefit from a larger tax credit!


Canadian Veteran Service Dog Unit

Donate Your Vehicle

CanadaHelps and Canadian Veteran Service Dog Unit have partnered with Donate A Car Canada to make it easier for our supporters to donate a car, truck, van, SUV, motorcycle, boat, or RV.  Free towing is provided in most areas across Canada, or donors can drop off their vehicle to maximize their donation.

When you donate your vehicle to Donate A Car Canada, it will either be recycled or re-sold (depending on its condition, age, and location).  Donate a Car Canada and CanadaHelps will look after all the details, making it easy for CVSDU to benefit. After your donation has been processed, CanadaHelps will send you a tax receipt and send the net proceeds to CVSDU!

Please click here to donate your vehicle.